The History, Classics, and Religious Studies Graduate Students' Association (HCRSGSA) is the official graduate student organization of the Department of History, Classics, and Religious Studies at the University of Alberta. It was formed in 2020 after Religious Studies was merged into the Department of History and Classics as the successor to both the Religious Studies Graduate Student Society (RSGSS) and the History and Classics Graduate Students' Association (HCGSA), which itself was formed from earlier student organizations after the merger of History and Classics in 1994. Through its various incarnations, the HCRSGSA has been representing History, Classics, and Religious Studies graduate student interests across four decades. To this end, we sit as members of both the university-wide Graduate Students' Association and the department council, actively fundraise to ensure our continued sustainability, and engage our members in social and scholarly activities.


The HCRSGSA is proud to be associated with two graduate journals from within our department: Past-Imperfect, which publishes graduate research from both History and Classics, and Axis Mundi, which publishes graduate research from Religious Studies.



As our student groups have merged, so to have our conferences both the HCGSA and RSGSS had established annual conferences to showcase not only their own graduate student work, but also to bring in exiting graduate student researchers from around the globe. Graduate conferences have been run in our department by the HCRSGSA and its predecessors for over two decades, but this year will be our first online.

About the Annual HCRSGSA Graduate Student Conference

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History , Classics, and Religious Studies is a single department housing undergraduate and graduate degree programs in these disciplines, as well as unique interdisciplinary offerings bridging the three. Among our professors are specialists whose expertise covers regions throughout the world, from ancient times to the present day, while religious studies is the critical study of religious beliefs, practices, texts, institutions, and communities.


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