The global Covid-19 pandemic has brought an awareness of restriction to the forefront of our consciousness. From social-distancing to lockdowns to economic turmoil, restriction forcefully confronts us as a limiting and highly disruptive factor at the everyday level. At the same time, our new restricted reality has facilitated creative avenues of possibility in the form of social relations/solidarity, business, education, and governmental policy. Our conference focuses on the intersection between limitation and possibility that arises out of restriction broadly construed, throughout history. Restriction can be the result of extraordinary circumstances but it is also ever present in the silences between words, in the laws that structure our actions, and in the memories we choose to access or forget. Our participants will interrogate the relationship between restriction and action, obedience and resistance, silence and expression.

This year we are celebrating the interdisciplinary character of our department and conference. We are excited to welcome participants from a variety of fields including: History, Classics, Religious Studies, Sociology, Linguistics, Political Science, Indigenous Studies, Economics, Cultural Studies, and Gender Studies.

Event Details

The conference will take place over four days, with 3 keynote speakers from the fields History, Classics, and Religious Studies, as well as 7 graduate panels with a variety of themes.

This event was designed in light of academia's Covid-19 virtual existence to both encourage participation from those otherwise restricted by travel or financial constraints and to mitigate any further Zoom fatigue. Thus, we have designed smaller panels over a longer period of time for a relaxed event. We are also encouraging virtual socialization which is often integral to a conference's atmosphere through Zoom breakout coffee rooms and an online forum.